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Solid State Logic 4048G

   G+ Computer



   32 G-Black EQs

   8 G-Brown EQs

   Recapped in 2013.


- ProTools 10 HD, 24 In, 48 Out

- Sony APR24 - 24 Track 2" Analog Recorder

- Sony PCM3324 - 24 Track Digital 1/2"

- Teac X2000M 1/4" Stereo Analog Recorder

- HHB CD Master Recorder

- Panasonic SV-3700
- Timeline Lynx2 Syncronizers (x2)


- Urei 809
- Yamaha NS10 Studio

- Adam A77X Active

- Tannoy System 800 Active
- Halfer P4000 Power Amp
- Hafler P1500 Power Amp


- AKG C414
- AKG D112 (x2)
- AKG Solid Tube

- AKG C1000 (x2)

- Neumann U87
- Neumann TLM184

- Octava MK-012

- Sennheiser E609 (x6)
- Sennheiser E604 (x3)

- Shure SM57 (x6)
- Shure SM58 (x2)
- Shure SM81 (x2)
- Rode NT1 (x2)



- Orban 622B Parametric EQ (x2)
- Lindell PEX-500 Pultec EQ (x2)
- WA Pultec EQP-1  EQ (x2)
- dbx 1031 EQ


- Manley Voxbox
- API 512c (x2)
- Neve 1073 (x2)


- Eventide H3000SX
- Yamaha SPX990
- TC Electronics M-One (x2)
- TC Electronics D-Two
- Lexicon 550
- Lexicon PCM 80
- Roland SDE-2000
- Ronald SE Reverb


- dbx 166 stereo
- dbx 160A (x4)
- WA 1176 (x2)
- Presonus ACP88



- PDP/DW 7 piece drum set

- Zildjian and Sabian cymbals

- Roland JV80

- Roland Juno-6
- EMU Planet Phatt
- EMU Procussion
- Yamaha Proteus
- Yamaha TG-500
- Korg O1W
- Yamaha Motif-6
- Technics 1200 MK2 (x2)
- Technics 1200 MK5 (x2)
- Neumark DJ1200
- Serato Scratch Live II

MORE INFO (for techies like me who care about this stuff)

The entire studio is wired with Mogami low-oxygen multi-core 8-channel cable, all balanced, and fitted with Neutrik connectors. The live room tie lines are all custom ProCo snake boxes.

Patch cables, XLR mic cables and intrument cables are all ProCo.

Studio electrial is triple grounded with over 30ft of earth-ground rods in different locations. The electrical service was all replaced in 2007. This all results in very quiet power throughout the system.


The SSL re-capping was completed in 2013. The tech on the console was completed by Bob Shuster and Bruce Millet.




The studio space was built inside a two car detatched garage. The building was cinder-block with an attic for HVAC and storage. 


We used the "room within a room" design with completely seperate walls and new ceilings. The space had a modest 9' height which after trapping gave us a finished 8'5" height.


The splayed walls and odd-dimensions kept the room nodes small and close and the built-in trapping gave the room a controlled low-end response.


We built it using standard construction materials which kept the costs down. The walls were framed in 2x4 framing and the sheetrock was installed over rock-wool insulation on resilient channel and the dual layers where sandwiched with acoustic glue (green glue) to raise STC results..


The front soffit wall, which encloses the Urei 809s, include a front slat wall diffusor/trap which is good down to about 4kHz, was built over low-end traps that get the front-end response down to about 80Hz.


The right and left side slat walls give us some simmetry diffusion and trap down to about 6kHz The offset left and right traps are good to about 8kHz


Cable runs are underground in 6" pvc we buried under the slab. 

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